Spotlight - More Than Tags

This delta, those dog tags, this roll call, that stroll—all superficial elements of something so much greater than what meets the eye. To some, we are friendly socialites who organize maximum capacity parties and sports tournaments—the Festival of India, Sugar Free Bowl, Who’s Got Game. To others, we are dedicated community leaders who compete to rack up as many hours at as many service opportunities as possible—Project Come Together, Be the Match Bone Marrow Drives, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events.

In reality, we are a combination of all of these diversified, yet unified, individual units: leaders in social, service and community-driven efforts who aim to set the bar just a bit higher.

By being a part of this promising fraternal group, our brothers gain insight into and appreciation for what being a “complete” individual truly means. The members of our organization consistently strive to embody the meaning of the word “hard-working,” no matter what the circumstances may be. Our fraternity seeks to instill a functional balance of all aspects of life in an individual—whether it be lending services to the surrounding area, leading peers in academia, or facilitating the interaction of people by organizing events, we do it.

—“Don’t just give anything, give your everything,” says National President Rushabh Dev.

This phrase succinctly sums up the lifestyle that our fraternity personifies, but holding oneself to such a high standard doesn’t come easy. It takes sleepless nights and coffee-fueled mornings, consistent deliberations amongst parties involved in planned events, effective use of networks and contacts, and above all, the charisma to do it all with a smile. Because at the end of the day, we love what we do, and that’s why we do it so well. When it comes down to it, this is a cause worth toiling for, an organization sound to invest in, and a brotherhood fully representative of our three fundamental pillars: brotherhood, discipline and commitment.

Our band of brothers has come far since the humble beginnings of our inception on October 1st, 1998. What started with 18 founding fathers at the University of Texas-Austin has flourished into a nationwide frenzy that has taken hold in almost 30 college campuses and increased our numbers to the thousands.

It is not the amount of awards accrued or attendance at an event that defines success, but how unforgettable we are to those around us. It is clear: no matter the location or demographic, Delta Epsilon Psi has infiltrated the minds and hearts of their community and exemplified the qualities of a true leadership group.

To every brother before me, and every brother henceforth, thank you for choosing Delta Epsilon Psi National South Asian Fraternity, Inc.