Spotlight - Kevin Tatulyan

The Alpha Beta Colony at Wayne State University is truly fortunate to have such motivated and involved brothers who actively participate in and around campus. One such brother—founder, #10, Kevin Tatulyan—is an individual who personifies all the core elements of Delta Epsilon Psi and has used his entry into this South Asian interest fraternity as a stepping stone to even greater accomplishments. This past year, Kevin has served as the Wayne State University Student Senate President and aided in various efforts to improve life around campus, enhance academic support and maintain great relations with University administrators. In this position, he helped extend hours for numerous hotspots around campus and also allowed Greeks to have increased accessibility to meeting facilities. He was recently awarded a plaque for his service to the University and will be forever pinned in WSU’s “President’s Room”, for all to see. Additionally, Kevin also served a term as the Student Association of Michigan Vice President—an organization committed to fighting for higher education for the fifteen public universities within the state of Michigan. In this leadership role, Kevin was directly responsible for meeting with state representatives in the capitol, East Lansing, and convincing them to put college education as a priority. Most recently, he assured that Wayne State and Michigan State did not incur a cut in state funding in the tens of millions of dollars range. Lastly, while managing all of these positions, Kevin proudly served as our colony’s Vice President and helped ensure colony success, along with current President Dipesh Patel. It is amazing to know that there was a direct impact of change brought about by this one individual, and it gives us great pleasure to have a brother who has achieved so much on this level. We extend our congratulations to him in his success.

Kevin relates that were it not for his brothers at Alpha Beta colony, none of this would have been possible. He passionately states that joining this brotherhood of driven, supportive individuals spurred him to join other organizations and is what got him started in student government in the first place. He has always loved the arena of politics, but before DEPsi, had never thought of venturing into it. His brothers encouraged him and gave him the backing needed to pursue an endeavor of this sort, and it eventually led him to where he is today. Kevin is graduating this year with a dual degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science and will be applying his talents elsewhere in the arena of law, and we know he will only continue to prosper. What is now the President of Wayne State Student Senate may one day become the President of the United States!