Delta Epsilon Psi, Fraternity Inc. | National Council
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The most revered of leaders in Delta Epsilon Psi serve on our National Executive Board, where they work towards a brighter future for all of our brothers. Individually, these brothers pose their own unique skill set and qualities to bring to the table, but together, their vision empowers everything that we stand for. 
Bilal B

Hometown: Cranford, NJ
Attended: Temple University
PhD in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Bilal Badruddin

National President

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Attended Temple University
Hedge Fund Analyst at SEI

Churchill Patel

National Executive Vice President

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Attended University of Central Florida
Zeta Class | Lambda Chapter
Architectural Intern at MLM-Martin Architects

Jay Solanki

National Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Hometown : Detroit, Mi
Attended : Wayne State University
Beta Class | Alpha Beta Chapter
Events Specialist & Professional Disc Jockey
Singh Innovations

Bhavdeep Singh

National Vice President of Internal Affairs
Deven Lackraj

Hometown: Cumming, Ga
Attended University of Alabama at Birmingham
Alpha Class | Alpha Iota Chapter
DC Department of Health

Deven Lackraj

National Vice President of Membership
Aatur Patel

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
Attended: UIC
Alpha Class | Alpha Kappa Chapter
Financial Consultant

Aatur Patel

National Vice President of Finance
Ruchir Dixit

Hometown: Woodbridge, NY
Attended: NYIT
Beta Class | Alpha Theta Colony
DPT Candidate

Ruchir Dixit

National Vice President of External Affairs


The National Directors of Delta Epsilon are appointed members of power, who show true dexterity among a vast number of fields 
Maulin Patel

Hometown: Quincy, FL
Attended University of Florida
Eta Class | Rho Chapter

Dental Assistant/Pre-Dental Student

Maulin Patel

National Director of Programming
Zahran Kabir

Hometown: Dix Hills, NY
Attended: Binghamton University
Founding Class | Alpha Eta Colony
IT Director at NuScinta Pharma, Inc.

Zahran Kabir

National Director of IT
Sahil Patel

Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Attended University of Alabama at Birmingham
Alpha Class | Alpha Iota Chapter
Med School

Sahil Patel

National Director of Records
Bhavik S

Hometown: London, UK
Attended University of Miami
Epsilon Class | Nu Chapter
Auditor at Rawlinson & Hunter

Bhavik S. Patel

National Director of Alumni Affairs
Sahil Mehta2

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Attended Rutgers of New Brunswick
Iota Class | Kappa Chapter

Employed at FutureNet Group

Sahil Mehta

National Director of Expansion

Hometown: Austin, TX
Attended UT Austin
Rho Class | Founding Chapter


Tejas Gadhia

National Director of Communications
Deshek Patel2

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Attended University of South Florida
Xi Class | Theta Chapter

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry Candidate

Deshek Patel

National Director of Philanthopy

Open Position

National Director of Finance


The Regional Directors are elected leaders of their respective areas, and are chosen to best represent their chapters and colonies to the highest of honors. They also work in conjunction with a younger brother from the region called Undergraduate Representatives.
Anand Prasad

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Attended University of South Florida
Kappa Class | Theta Chapter
Lilypad Solutions

Anand Prasad

Southeast Regional Director

Open Position

Southeast Undergraduate Rep

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Attended: Drexel
Mu Class | Xi Chapter
Legal Administrative Assistant

Hursh Patel

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Pathik Patel

Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Rep
Jerrin Cherian

Hometown : West Hartford, CT
Attended: UCONN
Alpha Class, Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Pharmacy technician

Jerrin Cherian

New England Regional Director

Open Position

New England Undergraduate Rep
Gaurav K

Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Attended Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Lambda Class | Kappa Chapter
Intern at Walt Disney World Resort, Inc.

Gaurav Kasabwala

Northeast Regional Director

Lovejot Singh

Northeast Undergraduate Rep

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Attended: UT Dallas
Phi Class | Beta Chapter
NASA Programmer

Arjun Sethi

South Regional Director

Open Position

South Undergraduate Rep

Open Position

Mid-West Regional Director

Open Position

Mid-West Undergraduate Rep