Delta Epsilon Psi, Fraternity Inc. | For Parents
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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out to learn more about our prestigious fraternity. We understand the concerns that may be involved when your son has expressed interest into joining a fraternity, especially with the current stigmas associated with Greek Life. We would like to answer a few questions, to clear up some of the confusion and give you a better look into our fraternity.

How would joining a fraternity affect my son’s academics?

The brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi pride themselves as being the organization with the highest GPA in several different universities. All chapters and colonies put academics before any fraternal activity and mandate study hours for all brothers and new members to achieve academic success. Active brothers and alumni use their networks to assist newer members with classes and materials

What is rush/recruitment?

Rush or recruitment is known as the period and time your son takes out to get to know the brothers of our fraternity better. Rush or recruitment includes coming to events hosted by Delta Epsilon Psi and there is no obligation to join the fraternity by choosing to rush.

What is pledging/intake?

To become a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi, all interests all required to go through a new member educational program (which is often referred to as pledging or intake). During this time, interests learn about the history of our fraternity, different cultures, and life long skills to succeed as leaders. The new member educational program forbids any hazing.  

What is hazing? Does Delta Epsilon Psi condone hazing?

Hazing is defined as any action, that is taken upon the participant which creates an uncomfortable environment, and can put the physical or mental buy modafinil cheap uk state of the participant at risk.  All chapters and colonies of Delta Epsilon Psi strictly prohibit any way, shape or form of hazing. New members will learn all policies our fraternity has against hazing along with alcohol policies and safety policies through our occasional workshops. Members must also follow all of these related policies with the council and university as well.

Does my son have to be South Asian to join?

While Delta Epsilon Psi is a South Asian interest based fraternity, we open our doors to any culture and ethnicity. Our chapters and colonies of Delta Epsilon Psi show diversity from ethnicities all over the globe.

What can my son benefit from joining Delta Epsilon Psi?

During the time of your son’s undergraduate career, being in a fraternity will help him with all academic materials, as well as landing internships and jobs. However, the networking doesn’t come to an end when he graduates, it just takes a new beginning as we have brothers in all different fields all over the country. For a list of jobs and graduate schools in our alumni network, please visit Our Alumni Page

What is the national philanthropy of Delta Epsilon Psi?

Our national philanthropy is The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Delta Epsilon Psi was inspired to begin this relationship with JDRF after the passing of our brother Vishal Bhagat who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In 2011, Delta Epsilon Psi began an official partnership with JDRF. For the past years, Delta Epsilon Psi has donated over $42,000 a year to JDRF.

Is there a financial obligation to become a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi?

Like every Greek organization, there are membership dues to remain an active brother of Delta Epsilon Psi, however every chapter offers fundraising opportunities to cover any costs and dues.