Delta Epsilon Psi, Fraternity Inc. | Innovation Within the Brotherhood
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Innovation Within the Brotherhood

The Rho Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi would like to shine a spotlight on brother Ryan “Atlas” Persaud (Spring 2014) for his role during the Fall 2017 semester. Ryan has made it his mission to leave his mark on this fraternity in creative and innovative ways. He saw a problem with recruitment weeks across the Southeast: interests found it difficult to envision their lives after joining the brotherhood. Over the spring and summer of 2017, Ryan took over 20 hours of footage from a single GoPro mounted on the heads of our brothers. His goal in mind was to create a video that would showcase the life of a brother from our own perspective. The finished product became a two minute video of all of the highlights of our semesters, focusing on service, probates, and brotherhood. “A Day in the Life of DEPsi” showcases our brotherhood from a unique first person point of view.
Ryan also created one-of-a-kind paddles for his RT from start to finish by his own design while working at an internship with GE Appliances. Rather than buy the plain paddles from a greek store, he 3D modeled their shape and used a CNC router to cut them from a cherry board. He then laser cut a design directly onto the boards and a secondary design into acrylic disks. The disks were used as a foundation for LED lights to be attached to the paddles. Overall, the paddles were a refreshing take on Greek paraphernalia and came out looking amazing. Follow us at @Depsi_Rho on instagram and check out the video timelapse of his paddle build!

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